Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Experiment


So I've woken up just a little earlier so that I can be able to write in the morning. I was going to wake up at six in the morning but it didn't work so here I am at six forty something typing away at my tablet. Though this should technically be a ''morning thoughts'' post I just wanted to make it different today.

After I'm done typing this I'm going to go and buy a game called ''Blood Bowl'' for five dollars. Its older but I don't really care as its a game I've wanted for a while now and its only five dollars. Maybe I'll write up a review on it?

Just looking out at my open but foggy window out into the cool rain really reminds me how peaceful it can be here. For me its a nice reminder of being back in the Midwest but it feels kinda lonely since I'm again in a new location so I have to go out and meet people in a new way since I've graduated high school. Gosh, how I've missed the color green! A strange though but living in the desert can really make you miss normal woods and such. Though there are bugs and the constant humidity I try not to complain as its just normal for the Midwest and I've missed it.

Today we are supposed to be traveling some more to visit another town and get the last of our stuff from the area. Hopefully we will have a good time but I never know with my family. So my painting project for the new tau will be put on hold for now until I return but maybe I'll be able to post some things.

As always I hope you have a good day and return,


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